courtesy of pixelbay.com
courtesy of pixelbay.com

Hey there! I’ve created Fursty Tree Movers in an attempt to help educate those interested in learning more about removing or moving trees. I run my own small business offering said tree removal services. Many people are unaware of the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment needed to safely and effectively uproot trees.

I consider it more than a hobby, its my way of life. Each tree offers its own challenges and its never considered a “cookie-cutter” approach to removes trees effectively.

I’ve got a few goals set in place for this blog. First, to rise awareness around the general topic of trees and tree removal. Secondly, I’d like to extend the general knowledge on tree removal. Finally, I’d like to educate those on being safe when removing trees. Without doing so in a careful and educated manner, one can seriously injure themselves, their property, or anyone nearby.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you enjoy yourself and learn a thing or two 😀